P2P Asset Management Ecosystem


Digital Currency Summit in Madrid

Event to explain tangible projects, proof of concept and solutions already implemented on blockchain technology in various sectors in Spain



First Tuesday presenting æternity and Fluon in Zug

The next First Tuesday event will again take place in Schiff Bar, in this charming old house right in the center of Old Town Zug, just like every time.



MeetupBlockchain Barcelona

Meetup organized by Atraura, where we will have the chance to listen some interesting and awesome intitiatives from the Blockchain world.



Meetupin Prague

Another event organized by Prague Blockchain Meetup


“The revolution won't be televised,
it will be tokenized"

We believe in a world where finance flows freely
and assets are managed by many instead of just the few

Our aim is to become the default infrastructure
for P2P asset management


We foresee a future in which assets, regarded today as untokenisable, will become tokenised and, resultantly, flow freely in a highly-efficient and decentralised hub: the FLUON ECOSYSTEM.

A future filled with scores of different tokens – perhaps even millions – will bring a multiplicity of investment and capital deployment options which are unimaginable in the contemporary economic framework.

Ultimately, this will underpin the unfathomable redefinition of the financial sector in general and, in particular, Asset Management.

The FLUON ECOSYSTEM, which seeks to facilitate the conversion and flow of investment options from static positions in the hands of the few to fluid ones in the hands of the many, is nothing more than the natural derivation of a globally progressive and decentralised world.

Entrepreneurs raising funds for their projects; individual talents managing their own or third- party investments; institutions catering to the needs of their clients and potential investors; or freelance professionals rendering their services in a fluid, cost-less, and automatised world; this is how the FLUON ECOSYSTEM aims to design the future of assets and, in this way, drive the democratisation of finance.

White Paper

Fluon ICO


Assets are understood as anything having value such as a posession or property owned by any user. The future will bring abstract asset representations. Such future needs tools for asset tokenisation.

Virtual Asset Objects (VAO) are an ERC20 accompanying standard that enables most of the common mechanisms needed to tokenise any kind of asset .


Investor Pooling

A tool to aggregate investments and investors, allowing for the management of investment Pools.

Liquidity Pool

The Liquidity Pool acts as an exchange mechanism where the exchange of Fluons and tokens from different pools occurs in an automatic manner via Smart Contracts.

Ecosystem Mining

A built-in incentive system to reward users who add value to the Ecosystem, fostering its healthy growth and adoption.



Alfonso is currently, CEO at Axon Partners Group. After graduating with honours from his Economics degree, he became an M&A analyst for Schroeder Salomon Smith Barney (Citigroup) in the European TMT Group, and after served as Managing Partner, Co Head of Global Fixed Income, Investment Banking and Capital Markets and Board Member of Exotix Partners LLP, Director of Global Principal Finance at Deutsche Bank as Head of Special Credit Situations Group, Managing Director and Co Head of the Alternative Investment Group, part of the Propietary Trading Division of Mizuho International Plc, among other positions. He has more than 18 years of experience in investment banking, private equity, venture capital and energy finance and has been a Board Member of numerous successful digital economy companies, including Wuaki.tv, Clickdelivery or Akamon as well as being Head of Corporate Development of online gaming giant Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment in Latin America.

Alfonso de Leon



Francisco has more than twenty years of experience in venture capital, investment banking and strategic consulting, having worked in more than 30 countries, with reputable private clients, governments and investors across the globe. Francisco Velázquez de Cuéllar founded Axon Partners Group in 2006, and he is currently Managing Partner and President. Axon has become one of the largest Spanish advisory companies, with more than sixty employees, international offices, and a very extensive list of clients and international investors. Within the venture capital division, Axon manages more than two hundred million euros. In additional to his role at Axon, Francisco is a Board Member of numerous companies such as nxtGen and Captronic in India; O4IT and Mercadoni in Latin America; and Finizens and NicePeopleAtWork in Spain. Previously, he was an investor and Board Member of numerous successful companies, including Akamon, Wuaki.tv and JustEat. Francisco began his career as a systems engineer, first at Airbus and then in Hispasat, where he had the opportunity to lead the satellite Hispasat 1C and 1D and its satellite mission team. Subsequently, before founding Axon, he was partner in Analysys Mason, a British Consulting firm, where he advised international transactions valued at +20 bn dollars, in addition to his work as a consultant in the launch of important companies like ONO or Jazztel in Spain. Francisco is a member of YPO (Young Presidents Organization) since 2012, and holds degrees in aerospace engineering and an MBA from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Francisco Velazquez



Blockchain Engineer, with a background in MSc Telecommunications. Involved in the Ethereum community since its inception. Previously, he worked as the Blockchain Technical Lead at Grant Thorton designing PoCs on Ethereum and different R&D cryptography projects.

Carlos Buendía

Head of Technology